Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Twin Flames is WRONG

Unfortunately, 99% of the information out there about Twin Flames is actually misinformation.

This is understandable. As humans, we naturally have a desire to analyze everything on a physical level. We believe in what we see and what we can experience through the physical senses. We try to work things out intelligently and rationally but the soul’s not any of that. That’s how we’ve been taught to look at love, relationships and pretty much everything that exists in our physical world. The thing is, the Twin Flame journey takes place on the level of the soul. 

This is where all those people perpetuating misconceptions and myths get it wrong. They keep focusing on the physical relating aspect of the journey – what the Twin Flame is doing, saying, thinking, feeling. This causes people experiencing the Twin Flame journey to then focus on their own feelings, emotions and thoughts. Our minds and psyches are part of the physical world. To reiterate, that’s not the level that this journey takes place. 

Fear-based Energy 

Why? Because everything on the physical world level is made up of fear-based energy. The entire point of this journey is to love yourself. And how can you love yourself? You have to transmute your fear into love. This involves taking the fear that you have regarding yourself and therefore, your Twin Flame, and transmuting it, or alchemizing it, into love. You’re not supposed to focus on it or build upon it. Feeding into your fear only causes it to grow. 

You may be wondering why your Twin Flame physically ghosted you or blocked you or left you. You’re exhausted from being stuck in this crazy, heartbreaking dynamic of your Twin Flame coming in and out of your heart and life. This happens due to fear-based energy. What’s needed to break out of this dynamic is to take that fear-based energy and transmute it into love. 

When you’re on this journey, you have to shift your perception. You have to rise out of that fear-based energy and into the energetic perspective of the soul. You’ll experience a whole new spiritual awakening during which you’ll grow and expand. It’s peace, contentment, love, abundance, and gratitude. In that energetic space, there’s no such thing as fear. And by fear, I don’t just mean being afraid or scared. Fear is the basis for all physical emotions that we feel whether they’re positive or negative. Just because you feel ecstatic or happy in one moment, it doesn’t mean that those emotions aren’t fear-based. 

The Soul Doesn’t Live in the Physical World 

The Twin Flame journey is about you, not the physical form or personality of your Twin Flame nor is it about your physical relationship with your Twin Flame. Yes, that’s usually the catalyst that gets you started on this journey and the physical form of your Twin Flame is a very important tool that helps you see yourself on the soul level. Because they are your reverse mirror, they help you to see the parts of yourself that cause fear and need to be alchemized and transmuted into love. 

Having a physical relationship with your Twin Flame can be a magical bi-product of this journey, if that’s what you desire, but that’s not the point. The point of this journey is so much bigger than that. 

It encompasses so much more, but your mind can’t conceive of more. Our minds are very limited so people simply try to explain things in a way that makes them feel comfortable. That’s why they analyze the journey and compare it to other things in the physical world. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is how most of us relate to our world and make sense of it, but for this journey, it simply cannot be done in that way. 

The First Step to Ascension

If you’re advancing on your Twin Flame journey, you’re one of the pioneers. Not everyone gets to experience a Twin Flame journey, which is the first step in ascension.

My students and I are trying to change the perspective of humanity and the world for the better, one of love rather than fear. 

Will you join us on this path towards transmuting fear into love?

If you’ve tried everything to make sense of your journey or overcome the crippling pain and nothing is working, we’re here for you. We know exactly what you’re going through and you will start to feel amazing even just by speaking with us on a call, I promise. Learn more about Twin Flames by listening to our podcast or browsing our collection of books & teachings.

No more pain and fear. Get to a place of pure unconditional love.