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What is a Twin Flame?

Have you connected with someone in a way that you’ve never connected with anyone before? Is the connection so deep and intense that you feel like you’re going crazy?

If you need to gain clarity on what a Twin Flame actually is, you’re in the right place. Remember: learning about this other person, or your Twin Flame, will also help you learn about yourself, which is actually the point of a Twin Flame journey.

There’s a lot of misinformation about the Twin Flame meaning online. Consider this your ultimate resource for all things Twin Flame meaning and more.

Understanding the Soul

In short, Twin Flames are actually the divine truth of creation. It’s how we’re all created. Everyone has, and is, a Twin Flame, including you.

This is why it can be difficult to define a Twin Flame. There is no one-size-fits-all definition or path, but Twin Flames are real and not unique – everyone has one.

To really understand this truth, we need to first understand what and who we truly are. We are a soul. Everyone – me, you, that stranger walking down the street – is a soul temporarily inhabiting a physical body.

There’s a common misconception that we are our physical bodies, when in fact, no one is a physical body. We are not our minds, we are not our hands, we are not our face, and we are not our torsos. 

We are a soul and our soul is energy. Furthermore, everyone’s soul has a unique frequency of energy that they share with no one and nothing else in the entire cosmos, except for their Twin Flame.

The soul typically lives and resides in the fifth dimension but when we incarnate here on earth, we’re born here into the physical world into a physical body, into a lifetime. Essentially, we come into the third dimension which has a different energetic paradigm than the fifth dimension, from where the soul originates. 

The third dimension is one of opposites and duality. Where there’s up, there’s always down. Hot and cold. In and out. Light and dark. Good and bad. Back and forth.

In the world that we live in, there exist all sorts of opposites. 

By contrast, the fifth dimension has none of that duality and opposition. Our souls are eternal, infinite, timeless, multidimensional, omnipresent, and miraculous.

They know no end and no beginning. There are no limits. Our souls are everything and anything all at once. 

The soul is from the realm of the fifth dimension where anything is possible, but in order to incarnate here into your physical form, your soul had to assimilate on the same energetic paradigm of the third dimension, which is one of duality and opposites.

Because of this, your soul had to be made into two opposites of itself. One of those opposites is within your physical body, and the other opposite of itself is within the Twin Flame’s physical body. Everyone is created this way. 

It’s the truth and the truth does not discriminate. Everyone is created equally across the board. 

Overcome the Paralyzing Pain and Fear of Your Twin Flame Journey

Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

You might be wondering, “If we all are and have a Twin Flame, why am I the only one who seems to be experiencing this? No one I know seems to be on this journey. No one understands what I’m going through!”

The truth is, most people never realize that they are with their Twin Flame or have crossed paths with them at some point. There are people right now who are blissfully unaware that they’re married to their Twin Flames. Maybe they grew up next door to their Twin Flames.

They could even be standing in line next to their Twin Flame at Starbucks not giving even a thought to this person. This just means that, while they are twin flames, they have not embarked on the twin flame journey yet.

Why? When your soul is ready, and this is only determined by your soul on the deepest subconscious level, there’s no conscious decision or choice in this, your soul experiences what’s called soul recognition. This event happens when the soul recognizes itself within the physical body of its Twin Flame.

At that point, the energy that you share with your Twin Flame gets activated and the twin flame journey begins.

Shared Energy

Remember, the soul had to assimilate energetically into the world of duality and opposites of the third dimension paradigm. You are one polarity of your soul, and your Twin Flame is the other polarity.

The polarization of the Twin Flames manifests as a push-pull energy dynamic. This leads to apparent Twin Flames signs that you can feel.

When soul recognition happens, you feel a buildup of energy between you and your Twin Flame. During the energetic build-up, it feels like the honeymoon period of the Twin Flame journey because no one else has ever understood you the way this person has.

The Myth of Twin Flame “Stages”

Mistakenly referred to “Twin Flame stages” there’s actually no such thing. Meeting your Twin Flame isn’t always linear and everyone’s journey is unique. These Twin Flame characteristics can simply help you understand if you’ve met your Twin Flame. You feel like you’ve come home. You connect on every level and everything is just perfect.

Then the energy build-up reaches a tipping point and the twins start to repel, which manifests as push-pull. One Twin Flame is pushing, while the other is pulling. If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re the push Twin Flame. You’re probably wondering why your Twin Flame suddenly ghosted you, or blocked you, or left, or disappeared. 

Or, in the other dynamic that’s very common with Twin Flames: you push, the Twin Flame pulls away (at least for a while), then they come back, and then it all repeats itself, over and over again. Your heart and life are treated like a revolving door by Twin Flame.

Needless to say, it’s heartbreaking and can cause a lot of emotional pain. When you crave unconditional love, being with your Twin Flame can be overwhelming but incredibly worthwhile.

Twin Flame vs. Soul Mate

It’s important not to confuse your Twin Flame with soul mates. Essentially, a soulmate is a mate of your soul. We all have more than one soul mate. Friends, romantic partners, your parents, any other soul that your soul resonates with… even pets.

Throughout your life, you can have more than one soulmate. Not only that, but the connection you share with each soul mate could vary in degrees of intensity and can evolve over time.

Your Twin Flame, on the other hand, is not another soul, or another being that you resonate with. The Twin Flame is yourself – it’s you. Their soul is also your soul, meaning you can only have one Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is your soul, you will undoubtedly resonate with them perfectly since it’s your soul in two bodies.

The Reason for the Twin Flame Journey

All that pain you feel, it’s part of the reason why we all have a Twin Flame. Why? Because this journey is the very first step of spiritual ascension.

It’s about so much more than having a physical relationship with your Twin Flame. The physical relationship you have with your Twin Flame is the catalyst for most people embarking on this journey. However, it’s not the point.

I know how confusing it is to be in the throes of this emotional chaos, but I promise you, there’s a way to get through this and become a perpetually happy person and experience true love with your Twin Flame.

I was devastated when my Twin Flame and I separated. I was on the floor in a puddle of tears for six months. I didn’t even know that I was on a Twin Flame journey at the time.

The majority of my students in my coaching programs are the same way. They never even knew what Twin Flames were but they were thrust into this journey by no conscious decision of their own.

It can make your world feel like it’s flipped upside down but when you finally resonate with the truth and learn how to implement it in your life, it’s truly miraculous. Learn more about Twin Flames by listening to our podcast or browsing our collection of books & teachings.

Contact us to get the support you need to advance along your Twin Flame journey.

Overcome the Paralyzing Pain and Fear of Your Twin Flame Journey