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What Are the Signs of a False Twin Flame?

A quick look into false Twin Flames online will bring you plenty of resources. You will find a plethora of personal stories, lists of false Twin Flame characteristics, and more.

However, these sources are largely wrong or misguided.

Simply put, there is no such thing as a false Twin Flame.

False Twin Flame vs. True Twin Flame

People crave answers in life, which often leads to us thinking in binaries. If there’s good there must be bad, if there’s health there is also illness, etc. In our minds, these binary opposites make it easier to categorize the world around us.

However, this way of thinking also leads to false theories. By this mindset, if a true Twin Flame exists there must be a so-called false Twin Flame. 

It makes sense that people have created a narrative around a false Twin Flame vs true Twin Flame. As humans, we naturally have a desire to analyze everything on a physical level, and these binaries help. But ultimately, the soul is not physical nor rational so the idea of a counterfeit Twin Flame is untrue.

Signs of a False Twin Flame

This being said, many of the signs of a “false Twin Flame” focus on the physical aspect of creating a deep connection. Some of these common signs and false Twin Flame characteristics include:

  • Feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and doubt about the relationship
  • Struggling with commitment or not experiencing unconditional love
  • Challenges that can’t be overcome through conversations
  • Arguments arising over past issues 
  • Conflicting visions of the future or desires

If you have experienced these things, you may believe that you were in a false Twin Flame relationship. However, this isn’t the case.

Rather than assuming you’ve met your false Twin Flame, think of it as simply meeting another person on your life path. There is no false Twin Flame, only those individuals who are not your Twin Flame but are still important on your journey to finding spiritual, true love and inner understanding.

Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

You can have loving relationships with many people throughout your life, including your soul mate(s). These relationships can be beautiful, but are no match for a Twin Flame connection.

When you meet your Twin Flame, your soul experiences what’s called soul recognition. The soul recognizes itself within the physical body of its Twin Flame. At that point, the connection that you share with your Twin Flame gets activated and you feel a buildup of energy between you and your counterpart.

Your soul had to assimilate energetically into the world of duality and opposites of the third dimension paradigm. There is no false Twin Flame vs true Twin Flame, rather you are one polarity of your soul, and your Twin Flame is the other.

Letting go of a false Twin Flame theory can be difficult, but is an essential part of your journey to finding peace and love with your Twin Flame. Learn more about Twin Flames by listening to our podcast or browsing our collection of books & teachings.

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