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Twin Flame & Astrology: Are They Related?

Chances are you know your astrological sign

Depending on when and where you were born, your astrological sign (also known as your zodiac sign or sun sign) is determined. Many people believe that your zodiac sign holds great influence over your core personality, strengths and weaknesses, and even romantic compatibility.

With this in mind, many individuals believe that the astrological signs of Twin Flames hold importance. But I’m here to tell you there’s no correlation between Twin Flame astrology aspects on your journey.

Read on to learn why your Twin Flame astrology chart isn’t important on your path to magnetizing your Twin Flame. 

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a complex science, and it would be impossible to summarize it in one short article. But there are some important aspects everyone should know about. Professional astrologer Aliza Kelly explains that your birth chart is made up of multiple elements, including your sun and moon sign and the placements of the planets at your time of birth.

This makes your astrological sign more like a “distinctive celestial profile that serves as your cosmic fingerprint.” It can guide your points of view along with your strengths and weaknesses. Zodiac signs are often further grouped into four elements, each with distinct personality traits:

  • Fire signs are passionate and exuberant
  • Earth signs are grounded and practical
  • Air signs are intellectual and curious
  • Water signs are intuitive and emotional

Your personal astrological chart is relevant to your physical lifetime. It can guide your passions and shape your personality traits on a physical level, but it isn’t relevant to Twin Flame connections.

Do Twin Flame Astrology Signs Matter?

A quick search online will show you hundreds of articles on the astrology aspects of Twin Flames. You may find information about how complementary elements (like water and earth or fire and air) are meant to be together and that astrology charts can help you find your Twin Flame.

I’m here to tell you that there’s no correlation between Twin Flame astrology signs and anything else. I’ve worked with Twin Flames with the same astrological signs as each other and ones that are drastically different. Ultimately, astrology doesn’t apply to the Twin Flame journey and there is no way to know if someone is or isn’t your Twin Flame based on their astrology chart.

When you meet your Twin Flame, their life, as well as yours, has likely been shaped by their astrological sign. But it’s not relevant to your Twin Flame connection.

Start Your Twin Flame Journey

Twin Flame astrology is irrelevant when it comes to the relationship between Twin Flames. As you work to magnetize your Twin Flame, your focus is on spiritual growth and healing, not the star signs.

A Twin Flame relationship help can unlock spiritual growth you never knew was possible. Along with information on your Twin Flame and Twin Flame reunions, you begin feeling completely at ease with yourself and achieve an inner peace.
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