Soulmate vs. Twin Flame: What’s the Difference?

A lot of people confuse their soulmate(s) with their Twin Flame, which is understandable given the deep connection and intense emotions that can come with meeting both types of people. I questioned it when I started my journey and so have many of my students. 

So what’s the difference between a soulmate and a Twin Flame and why does it matter?

What is a Soulmate?

As the name suggests, a soulmate is your soul’s mate.  This person can be a friend, a lover, a parent, another soul that your soul resonates with. In fact, any living thing that has energy and a soul can be a soulmate. 

What kind of soulmate this person is depends on which part of your soul’s frequency resonates with a certain part of the other soul’s frequency. For example, if your lover is your soulmate, that would mean your soul resonates with their soul on the romantic, loving and sexual frequency. 

Your family members are all your soulmates because they all are separate souls from you, but you have a very close resonance with them. Your very close resonance with them is present by virtue of you being family members.

Friends are also soulmates. If they didn’t resonate with you in some way, they would not have been magnetized into your life and you would’ve never crossed paths. 

And believe it or not, animals can be soulmates. Many people form very close kinships with animals. If you have a pet that you love and care deeply about, you’d probably say that they understand you in their own way. You communicate with them when you talk to them, look into their eyes or snuggle up close with them. This is because they have a soul just like you and you both resonate with each other.

Throughout your life, you can have more than one soulmate. Not only that but the connection you share with each soulmate could vary in degrees of intensity.

Ever-Changing Resonance

We live in a world that’s in a perpetual state of change, growth and evolution, which means that each one of us is also constantly physically changing, growing and evolving.

Because we’re all in a constant state of change, that explains why some friends, lovers and people who you resonate with come and go. While you’re in resonance with them one day, you may not be in resonance with that same person days, weeks, months, years later. And you know, what? That’s perfectly normal. 

In this physical 3D world that’s changing all the time, it makes sense that someone you used to get along with swimmingly could suddenly leave your life. 

What is a Twin Flame?

Your Twin Flame, on the other hand, is not another soul, or another being that you resonate with. A Twin Flame is yourself – it’s you. Their soul is also your soul, meaning you can only have one Twin Flame.

Because your Twin Flame is essentially you, you will undoubtedly resonate with them perfectly. You share the exact same frequency of vibration with this person, something that you don’t share with anything and anyone else in the entire cosmos. It’s the most intense and miraculous experience you will ever have in your life.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve found your Twin Flame, here are 7 signs to look out for. Learn more about Twin Flames by listening to our podcast or browsing our collection of books & teachings. Contact us to get the support you need to advance along your Twin Flame journey.

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