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Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

Falling in love has long been portrayed in the media as an intense feeling that comes with physical sensations. Romantic comedies, romance books, and even friends describe the details of meeting their perfect match – they can’t eat, can’t sleep, and experience these outward signs of feeling connected to their soulmate.

So it’s no wonder that many people confuse these feelings with a Twin Flame love connection. 

Are There Twin Flame Love Signs? 

A quick search will reveal dozens of so-called “signs your Twin Flame is sending you love.”Many people claim that when you’ve met your Twin Flame you will feel their presence no matter where you are and experience an intense soul connection you’ll be aware of. 

Thinking of a connection with your Twin Flame in terms of emotions and feelings is comforting because, as humans, we like to rationalize things on a physical level. However, because Twin Flames are the same soul, there are truly no outward signs of their presence.

The soul exists on a plane that isn’t rational or physical. When love is on a soul level, the soul is love, so you are love. Simply put, there are no outward physical signs that would be different from other types of romantic relationship.

While it’s easy to romanticize Twin Flame relationships, and they are no doubt intense, the reality is that you likely won’t realize you’ve met your Twin Flame.

What is Twin Flame Love

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If there are no true signs your Twin Flame loves you, then what is Twin Flame love? 

The problem is that many individuals focus on the physical relationship with their Twin Flame. They’re consumed with what their Twin Flame is doing, saying, thinking, and feeling. They then begin to focus on their own feelings and emotions – which leads to the misconception of Twin Flame love signs manifesting as physical feelings.

Twin Flame love isn’t a destination, but a journey. On a Twin Flame journey, you have to shift your perception to a soul level. You have to rise out of fear-based energy and into the energetic perspective of the soul. 

At the end of your journey, you’ll experience a whole new spiritual awakening during which you’ll grow and expand. It’s not about Twin Flame love, but finding peace, contentment, love, abundance, and gratitude within yourself.

Learn to Love Yourself

If you find yourself searching for Twin Flame love signs, it’s time to take a step back and look inward. Of course, this can be easier said than done, especially with the abundance of misinformation online.

That’s why a Twin Flame relationship coach can help. At Be With Your Twin Flame, we help people on a Twin Flame journey attain self-love, abundance and their true soul’s purpose and ultimately reunite with their Twin Flame. 

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