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As a #1 international bestselling author, teacher, coach and Twin Flame and Ascension Alchemist, Elle’s true purpose in life is to guide people on their Twin Flame journey so they can achieve self-love and abundance, and ultimately, reunite with their Twin Flame.

After going on her Twin Flame journey for four years, she left her job as a lawyer and began coaching students on their own journey. As painful as her Twin Flame journey was, she wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. Without it, she wouldn’t have learned the Divine Truth of Creation, which is necessary for helping people advance along their journeys.

Through her personal experiences and the eye-opening teachings of Liora, she’s developed revolutionary methods that help her students unconditionally love themselves at the deepest level possible. With her programs, Elle’s students discover who they truly are, at the soul level, and stop suffering through obsessive thoughts about their Twin Flame.

Whereas many other Twin Flame coaches focus on an individual’s Twin Flame, Elle’s proven methods focus on the individual themselves, guiding them on the path of spiritual alignment and looking within, not without.

As she helps people overcome the crippling fear, pain and loneliness of the Twin Flame journey, she continues expanding people’s knowledge and awareness of Twin Flames and assists humanity’s spiritual ascension on a global scale.

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Topics Of Expertise

Elle Hari is available for media commentary, speaking and coaching on topics like:

Understanding Twin Flames

  • What is a Twin Flame?
  • How do you know you’ve found your Twin Flame?
  • Understand the difference between a soulmate and a Twin Flame
  • How to deal with the agonizing pain of separating from your Twin Flame

Achieving Inner Peace and Spiritual Alignment

  • Why focusing within, not without, is the key to your Twin Flame journey
  • How to get rid of obsessive thoughts
  • Achieving inner peace and unconditional self-love
  • How to balance your fear-based energy and transmute it into love

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