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How to Deal with “Separation” from Your Twin Flame

It’s no secret – “separating” from your Twin Flame is extremely painful. You can spend days and weeks in your bed crying. The heartbreak you feel is nothing you’ve ever felt before.

The thing is – separation doesn’t actually happen with Twin Flames. Separation is an illusion created by the physical world. 

If you’ve done any kind of research on Twin Flames, you’ve likely come across a lot of misinformation. A lot of it perpetuates the notion that you need to go through a certain phase or stage of the journey called separation and that you have to endure it.

I’m here to tell you that separation is just an illusion – it’s not real.

You are a soul; you are not your physical body. Your Twin Flame is a soul, not their physical body. I’m a soul; I’m not my physical body. No one on this earth or planet is their physical body; everyone is a soul. 

Your soul is the exact same soul as your Twin Flame’s, therefore you are your Twin Flame and your Twin Flame is you.

You are the exact frequency, the exact energy of vibration, and you share that with no one and nothing else in the entire history of the cosmos except for your Twin Flame. 

Think about that for a minute and appreciate how beautiful that is. It can be overwhelming!

Because you are the same soul, and the soul is energy, it cannot be ripped up or torn apart. You can’t separate yourself from the essence of your being because you are energy. You are the same frequency of energy throughout time, space, dimensions, eternity. Therefore, you can’t separate from your Twin Flame. Believe me, I and many of my students have tried.

When I was in the depths of my despair, after six months of being on the floor, I contacted someone who said they could cut the cord between anyone I have spiritual connections or soulful ties with. I just wanted this pain to be done with and reclaim my life.

I went to this person who had been very successful at this. She’d been doing it for decades, but with me, she couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t understand what was going on. Now, this was seven years ago,  and I don’t think she even knew what a Twin Flame was at that point. She didn’t know what was going on and was unable to cut the cord. Many of my students have had similar experiences.

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Recently, my student Marcy joined my program after feeling devastated due to “separating” from her Twin Flame. We understood what she was saying when she said, “The person I went to for help couldn’t cut the cord. I just cannot get away from this – these ties I feel to my Twin Flame.” We told her, “It’s because your Twin Flame isn’t another person. You’re not a separate being, you’re the same being. There’s no ‘separation’.” That’s why we have separation in quotation marks.

If you can resonate with that idea, that truth, your journey will be so much easier. You’ll be able to advance along this journey towards everything that you truly desire. 

I understand what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Well, if we’re not separate and separation doesn’t really occur, then why am I sitting here heartbroken when my Twin Flame is off living his/her life as if nothing has happened?” or “My Twin Flame has me blocked on all social media platforms and won’t return my calls.” or “My Twin Flame comes in and out of my life as they please.  Whenever they leave they’re separating themselves from me, right?”

If you look at it from a physical viewpoint, it certainly appears that way, but what we sense with our five senses doesn’t show us what’s really going on.

The Twin Flame journey is the very first step of spiritual ascension – that’s why we incarnate into the physical world to begin with. The first step is about learning to truly know and love your true self, which is your soul. And as we know, your Twin Flame is your soul. 

If you are able to resonate with that and shift your focus from what your Twin Flame is physically doing, saying, thinking, or feeling to yourself and what’s happening at the soul level, you will begin to magnetize everything that you truly desire, including being with your Twin Flame physically. 

But everything you desire will come after you do the work on the spiritual level. Everything, even before this journey, in your physical world is a reflection of how you’re resonating with yourself on your spiritual level and how aligned you are with your true self, your soul. That’s what this journey does – you shift closer into alignment with your soul, and therefore, with your Twin Flame. Work with Elle to advance on your Twin Flame journey with a renewed sense of self and clarity. Contact us to get the support you need to advance along your Twin Flame journey. Learn more about Twin Flames by listening to our podcast or browsing our collection of books & teachings.

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