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Your Guide to Twin Flame Energy

Twin Flame energy is something that’s often misunderstood. And it’s no wonder why.

As humans, we try to make sense of the world around us in terms of what we see and feel. We rationalize as much as we can to create order. However, Twin Flame energy isn’t bound by these rules.

Read on to learn more about what Twin Flame energy feels like so you can determine if you’ve met your twin flame. 

What Does Twin Flame Energy Feel Like

A Twin Flame connection can feel extremely confusing if you don’t understand what’s occurring. 

When you meet your twin flame, a Twin Flame energy build up occurs. This is the start of an intense build-up of energy because your soul has recognized itself. This recognition happens on a subconscious level and you may not even be aware of it at the moment.

We cannot control our soul and cannot decide when soul recognition occurs. While you may not feel a Twin Flame bond at the moment, this energy build up is the beginning of your journey.

Twin Flame energy is when your shared energetic field with your twin flame – sometimes inaccurately referred to as a soul connection – becomes more powerful. You may feel:

  • Familiarity and comfort with your Twin Flame that you’ve never felt with anyone else
  • At home with your Twin Flame and connected in every way
  • An intense “honeymoon” period
  • A push and pull of energy 
  • Intense emotions when you’re with your Twin Flame or separated from them

Twin Flame energy can feel like you’ve just found peace and it’s the most perfect thing you could ever imagine until the push/pull energy goes into effect. Of course, it’s also a journey that includes core wound pain. This is all part of a Twin Flame experience and is what makes it different from other romantic relationships.

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What About Twin Flame Sexual Energy

Twin Flame energy is also accompanied by sexual chemistry, but not in a traditional sense. Looks and sexual energy are often the first things people see and feel when seeking a relationship. However, it’s very common for Twin Flames to find themselves attracted to each other even when characteristics that would normally make or break other relationships are present.

The soul is more powerful than anything else in the world. Twin Flame sexual energy occurs not just on a physical level, but in the spiritual realm. Twin Flame sex is intense and an exchange of energy in and of itself.

Start Your Twin Flame Journey

Going on a Twin Flame journey can be the most magical and painful experience of your life. But many people don’t realize they’re on this path until they begin to look back at their lives and relationships.

Be With Your Twin Flame can help you navigate this intense, emotional journey. When you align closer to your soul and neutralize the push/pull enegy between you and your twin flame, you can attain self-love, abundance, and ultimately reunite with your Twin Flame. Learn more about Twin Flames by listening to our podcast or browsing our collection of books & teachings.
Work with Elle to advance on your Twin Flame journey with a renewed sense of self and clarity. Book a free clarity consultation today to learn if you’re ready to accept this Twin Flame energy.