The Twin Flame Journey Is About Self-Love

Your twin flame is YOU.  If you want love from your twin flame, you must love them/yourself. 

Loving yourself means putting yourself first…making yourself a priority and trusting and believing in yourself as a SOUL.

This means that you cherish and become a steward of everything that your soul has provided for you (which is EVERYTHING in your physical world). This, of course, includes the physical body that your soul chose for itself to inhabit in this lifetime.

The twin flame journey is part of the ascension process.  “Ascension” means to rise up.  When we reach ascension, we will have transmuted all of our fear into love.  We soul have risen up out of the fear-based energy of the 3D/physical world and into the energetic state of our soul – which is love.

The entire ascension process is about loving yourself.  No matter where you are on your ascension path or spiritual journey, it’s imperative to find ways to cherish and love yourself and put your needs and desires first above all else. The fear-based physical world might judge this as selfish, but it’s not.  In order to love others, you must first love yourself.  It all starts with you.

Don’t be afraid to love yourself.  Invest in yourself. Pamper yourself. Take care of yourself.

What all spirituality comes down to (including the twin flame journey) is feeling good.

However, spiritual ascension as well as the twin flame journey cause uncomfortable and unpleasant physical symptoms. The symptoms will dissipate once you complete the necessary energetic soul work, but you must take care of yourself and feel better in the meantime. (This is a part of loving yourself, remember?)

That’s why Elle helped to create our sister company, Alaya Life…The Apothecary For Ascension™.

Alaya Life is the first and only nutrition and wellness company designed specifically to address the common symptoms associated with the twin flame journey and spiritual ascension process.

Elle remembers not being able to eat anything when she was in the throes of her twin flame journey and how harmful and neglectful that was to her physical health and wellbeing. She also experienced excruciating anxiety, despair and trouble falling and staying asleep.  Now that she has moved past that and progressed further along her ascension path, her symptoms have changed to brain fog, low energy and food cravings.  Her students report experiencing those symptoms and more.

Alaya Life has something for almost any ascension or twin flame journey symptom to help you feel better faster so that you can do your soul work easier.

Elle’s personal recommendations are the Ascension Angel™ and Divine Diva™ bundles which contain all of the essentials for ascension symptoms and twin flame journey symptoms/nutritional needs, respectively…all combined in one purchase to save you time and money.

All of Alaya Life’s products are NSF certified and 100% natural.  Most are 100% Organic, Non-GMO and Vegan unless otherwise noted.

We invite you to check out all of the amazing products Alaya Life has to offer here.  





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