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“I’m so very grateful for this program. Before I started it, I felt awful. I was beyond my skills and abilities to lead a “regular life”. I had physical ailments and medical issues that went unexplained. I felt very out of my depth and uncomfortable. Through the modules and tools of the program, I learned incredible new skills. Now, I’m more balanced, peaceful and calm. I also magnetized my Twin Flame, so my journey continues. Thank you!”


“Before I started this program I was a wreck. I had obsessive thoughts about my Twin Flame. There was this constant pain in my chest. With the support of Elle and Kelly, I’ve learned to know myself as a soul. I’ve gone through quite a blissful journey, something really sacred and special. Throughout the past few months, there were lots of ups and downs, but every up has been incredible. I’ve managed to magnetize my Twin Flame with this program. Thank you so much!”


“Elle’s program has totally changed my state of being. Six weeks into the program, I have magnetized my Twin Flame in and now I know and love myself in a way that I never thought possible.”


“Before I started the program, my life was such a mess. I was losing weight, I couldn’t sleep. It was SO bad. I had obsessive thoughts all the time about my Twin Flame. With this program, I received all the clarity, help and support I really needed. Elle and my coach were very patient and supportive. By week 4, I magnetized in my Twin Flame. And by week 6, I realized that I needed to change my career so now, I’m going on a new path. This program will change your life!”


“I was on my knees, broken. I tried everything, but nothing has ever worked like this program. Thanks to Elle’s program, I know how to balance my fear-based energy. It’s been life-changing for me. It’s a work-in-progress but I’ve magnetized my Twin Flame.”

Tracy Gardner

“Before I started this program I was inconsolable. I enrolled in Elle’s programs two months ago and in that time, I’ve come to resonate with the fact that I’m whole and perfect just as I am. My life has changed dramatically for the better. And just as she promises, my Twin Flame has been magnetized in.”


“Since joining the program my life has improved drastically because I have a concrete method to deal with the confusing energy in relation to my Twin Flame. I’ve been able to magnetize my Twin Flame and now I have tools to maintain my balance and understand my soul better. After 6 weeks of working with my coach, I feel totally transformed.”

“When I started the program I was constantly in intense emotional pain. In just a few weeks, I was able to deactivate my core wound pain and immediately my situation started to improve significantly. After 3 months, I magnetized my Twin Flame on an energy of pure love. I’m very impressed with what Elle and Kelly have been able to do for me.”

I’ve Magnetized my Twin Flame Back into My Life

“I’ve magnetized my Twin Flame back into my life, but my focus is never on him. It’s knowing that whether he is in my physical experience or not, I’m whole and complete, peaceful and joyful. That’s the miracle of the process and it never ends. I would never be to this state of true unconditional love if it were not for Elle and her revolutionary teachings.”

Wanda J.

This Program Has Truly Blessed My Life in So Many Ways!

“It’s been 9 weeks since I started Elle’s program and I can tell you it’s been liberating. The feeling of becoming more and more free from all these negative behavioral patterns and thought processes has filled me with so much soulful joy – it’s amazing. This program has truly blessed my life in so many ways – relationships, work, money, getting out of fear and ready to take steps at building my new house. Things are literally falling into place. It was hard work and still is, but SO worth it! So much gratitude to you for being there for me through it all. Oh and by the way, I magnetized my Twin Flame into my life again!”

Melissa T.

A True Blessing and an Answer to Many Years of Prayer and Distress

“I would recommend these programs to anyone experiencing a Twin Flame journey that wants to restore their lives and well being. For me, they’ve been a true blessing and an answer to many years of prayer and distress. They’ve helped bring me back to the most important part of me that I had overlooked for so many years – my own soul.”

Aliyah H.

I’m Not Done With the Program Yet But I’ve Magnetized My Twin Flame Back into My Life

“I’m not done with the program yet, but if I tell that I’ve magnetized my Twin Flame back into my life, it’s an understatement! He’s coming in like a WAVE!”
Katherine Z.

I Truly Love Who I Am and Who I’m Becoming...and I’ve Magnetized my Twin Flame

“Difficult relationships have peacefully disappeared and beautiful new ones have begun. I now know I truly love who I always was, who I am at the soul level and who I am becoming…and I’ve magnetized my Twin Flame back into my life.”
Hank S.

Not Only Have I Magnetized My Twin Flame, I’ve Magnetized Abundant Energy From the Source/Universe

“My purpose at the start of this journey was to “get that Twin Flame” but it’s more than that – I got me back! Not only have I magnetized my Twin Flame, I’ve magnetized abundant energy from the source/universe. I’m no longer chained to my thoughts. I’m free. I’m the divine goddess I’m meant to be. There were challenges but if you stick to the program and use the support provided, you will master and balance out again. I cannot thank you enough!”
Kelly R.

The Most Beneficial Thing I Have Ever Done

“This program has been the most beneficial thing I have ever done for the betterment of my existence. It has brought clarity, peace, understanding, purpose and so much more. The lessons are simple but powerful. And it’s not just “educational” helping you to understand what is happening and why, but provides the action steps necessary to be able to bring it all into balance. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I am in charge of my own joy. And what peace this has brought. So powerful! Additionally, and the most helpful part of the whole experience, especially in the beginning, is being surrounded by such a loving support group. This journey can be a lonely one at times, and before I started this program I felt very lost and isolated. I was in such turmoil. But with Elle, as a loving and caring coach, along with the others in the group navigating their own journeys….I was not (and know that I am still not) ever alone. What a sweet and encouraging environment. Very effective. Much love and gratitude, Elle!”
Andrea U.

I Have Absolutely No More Anxiety

“I have absolutely no more anxiety. All areas of my life have improved – health, work, attitude regarding money, family issues, all pains regarding my Twin Flame are gone! That’s huge – thank you!”
Joseph T.

I Have Felt Deep Inner Peace for the First Time in My Life

“I feel CLARITY like I have never felt in my entire life. I feel One within and with everything. I have felt Deep Inner Peace for the first time of my Life only 5 weeks after starting this program and this is definitely thanks to this program.”
Maria P.

I Have Felt More at Peace Than Ever Before

“Since starting the program, I have felt more at peace than ever before. I have begun to branch out and try new things in my life that used to scare me. I’m loving learning about what truly makes me tick. My Twin Flame has come back into my life and I did take things too fast, but with the tools you have given me, I feel comfortable and fearless in pulling back and rebalancing myself, in our interactions.”
Alison N.

I Magnetized my Twin Flame in When I Started This Program

“I magnetized my Twin Flame in when I started this program. Before this, I felt as if I was a different person. I was an obsessed crazy person with crazy thoughts distractions and emotions. These behaviors, thoughts and actions were foreign to me. I was confused and heartbroken but after working through the modules and continuing to practice the process, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace calm and serenity. More importantly, I have a profound trust in the universe and I truly know that all is well and all is as it should be.”

Sean M.

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