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7 Twin Flame Signs to Look For

Going on a Twin Flame journey can be the most magical and painful experience of your life. Because it’s something you’ve never experienced before and you’re going through so many different emotions, it can be extremely confusing. People come to me all the time and ask me, “How do I know that I’ve found my Twin Flame and not just someone I connect with very deeply?”

When they ask me that, I tell them to look for the following Twin Flame signs and symptoms.

1. You Overlook Physical Characteristics that Would Normally Be Deal-Breakers

It’s very common for Twin Flames to find themselves attracted to each other even when characteristics that would normally make or break other relationships are present. Do you find yourself looking past physical characteristics that you normally would find unattractive? Then you may have just landed on a sign you met your Twin Flame.

One of my students, Amelia, and her Twin Flame had a 30-year age difference between them. She said she would have never considered being with such an old man, especially one that’s older than her father. She was flabbergasted that she would even consider being in a relationship with this person who was her Twin Flame, but alas, she was unable to control her feelings for him. These uncontrollable feelings are another one of the signs you’ve found your Twin Flame.

Other Twin Flame connection signs include a willingness for long distance relationships, different religions, different races, different sexes or same sexes.

This just goes to show that the soul is way more powerful than anything else in the world. Any filters or judgments that our minds can place on things, or any limiting beliefs that we have about people, disappear when you connect with your Twin Flame.

2. You Feel a Build-Up of Energy Between You and Your Twin Flame

Once soul recognition has happened, which is when you actually start your Twin Flame journey, you experience a build-up of energy between you and your Twin Flame. The soul recognition happens on the subconscious level because you aren’t aware of it at that moment. You don’t decide when it happens. You don’t feel it when it happens. 

However, from that moment on, the energy of your soul builds up within you and your Twin Flame. Your shared energetic field becomes more powerful. 

When you’re in the throes of that, it feels like you’ve never been closer with your Twin Flame. You feel a familiarity and a comfort level that you’ve never felt with anyone else. It feels like you’ve come home with this person because you connect in every way imaginable. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually…everything.

That’s what that build up of energy feels like – like you’ve just found home and it’s the most perfect thing you could ever imagine. This build up of energy is one of the physical signs you found your Twin Flame.

3. You Reach a Tipping Point

That build up of energy after soul recognition brings you and your Twin Flame to a tipping point. This is the highest point in the “honeymoon” period. However, in that moment, you don’t actually know that it’s the tipping point for you and your Twin Flame. It’s only when you reflect and look back can you pinpoint the exact moment it happens.

For my student Dave, he recalls the night he and his Twin Flame were getting ready to go to a big party for the holidays. He was sitting in front of his house when his Twin Flame came outside to join him and for whatever reason, they locked eyes, holding each other’s gaze for what felt like an eternity. He never felt more connected to her in that moment. That night was perfect and they ended up having a great time. 

But suddenly, things started to collapse and their relationship went downhill. When she started spending time with other people and more time at work, he started to feel jealous and possessive, which comes from fear-based energy. The fear of losing his Twin Flame and this magical connection they had took over his mind.

The more he wanted to hang onto his Twin Flame and push his energy towards her, the more she would pull away, which is how the energy works – push and pull. She was gone within a week and of course, he was devastated and heartbroken.

A push and pull situation is one of the strong yet devastating Twin Flame love signs. 

Once you and your Twin Flame reach a tipping point, you start to repel from each other. You don’t realize it at the time because you’re going through so many intense emotions trying to figure out why your Twin Flame is pulling away from you. But when you advance on your Twin Flame journey, you’ll be able to look back and recognize the tipping point. This tipping point is one of the signs you’ve met your Twin Flame.

4. You’re Stuck in One of Two Relating Patterns

There are two typical relating dynamics for people experiencing a Twin Flame journey. The first one is that your Twin Flame ghosts you or disappears. All of the sudden, they’re just out of your life, like Casper. You’re going crazy trying to figure out what happened. 

They block your number and delete you off social platforms. Try as you might, you’re unable to reach them physically because there’s an energetic wall blocking you and your Twin Flame from being together physically.

Do you desperately want to tear down that energetic wall so you can reunite with your Twin Flame?

The other related dynamic that’s typical of Twin Flames is the back and forth relating pattern. In this dynamic, your Twin Flame leaves but you’re still able to communicate from time to time. Eventually your Twin Flame comes back, but they leave again and the cycle continues. 

This relating pattern is very often seen in situations where the Twin Flame is married and they keep going back to their spouse from whom they said they were going to get a divorce or into another relationship that’s waiting there on the side.

5. Obsessive Thoughts

Once your Twin Flame ghosts you or you find yourself stuck in the painful back and forth relating experience with your Twin Flame, you’ll find that you have obsessive thoughts about them. This is another one of the difficult signs you’ve found your Twin Flame. When you just can’t stop thinking about them after they’ve left or left and come back. 

You simply can’t stop focusing on what they are doing, saying, thinking, feeling. You feel like a “psycho” or “creeper”. You creep their social media, you drive by their house, you drive by their work. Not only that, but you start stalking all the people they know on social media. 

You’re refreshing pages all the time. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t stop. You find yourself behaving like a crazy person when ordinarily, you’re a completely sane person.

It is important to note that though you want to be in their lives, your Twin Flame’s boundaries should be respected. If they have made it clear they do not want you around right now, then you should not force yourself into their lives. This will do more harm than good.

6. Core Wound Pain

Core wound pain is exacerbated and brought on by these obsessive thoughts. It’s a pain that feels like a deep, gaping hole in your heart, solar plexus, or sacral chakra. It feels like you’ve been disemboweled there, like somebody reached in and pulled your soul right out of you, and you’re just left with this gaping hole that can’t be filled.

This pain can vary in degree and intensity from one person to the other. Sometimes it feels like a flutter, other times it can be a sharp stabbing pain. This core wound pain is one of the most difficult signs of a Twin Flame. You may be wondering now if they feel the same pain as you, asking yourself, “do both Twin Flames get signs?” 

The answer is that though you are two halves of the same soul, your Twin Flame may not be on the same journey as you. The pain intensifies when you focus on your Twin Flame being with someone else and thinking that your Twin Flame hates you.

You ask yourself, How could they do this? Did he/she ever really love me? What did I do wrong? It goes on and on.

The more you feed into your fear, the worse your core wound pain.

Another thing that affects the pain in your core wound is energy. Once it becomes activated at soul recognition, it’s very sensitive and susceptible to external energies in the universe. For example, during certain celestial events like full moons, eclipses, planetary retrogrades, and equinoxes, it’s very common for your core wound pain to become more activated.

Even the collective energy of the planet has an impact on this pain. When people are in a lot of fear collectively, such as when the world is dealing with pandemics and socioeconomic issues, that can activate people’s core wound pain if they don’t know how to balance it out and deactivate it.

Learn how to neutralize your fear, deactivate your core wound pain and magnetize your Twin Flame back into your life. 

7. You Doubt That You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

Everyone that’s on their Twin Flame journey seems to doubt that they’ve found their Twin Flame. Though it seems counterintuitive, doubt is one of the classic Twin Flame signs. This doubt comes from fear and uncertainty. Remember, this fear-based energy that’s causing all of this pain and strife is keeping you and your Twin Flame apart physically. 

Despite all the pain and suffering, you can take solace in the fact that this fear is being shown to you for a reason. The whole point of this journey is to transmute and alchemize fear into love.

Even as you transmute it all and you go through our program feeling amazing, doubt can still creep in from time to time. It happens less and less the further into the program you go, but it can still creep in up until almost the moment you are fully balanced regarding your Twin Flame and Twin Flame journey. It’s just the way it is and it’s very common.

I don’t know any student that it hasn’t happened to. So you can have some peace of mind knowing that it’s perfectly normal and nothing to believe. 

You are here for a reason. You know deep in your core that you have found your Twin Flame. Just look at all of the Twin Flame signs as proof.

Why isn’t my Twin Flame feeling the same signs as me?

You might be wondering, “why doesn’t my Twin Flame feel the same way as me? Why aren’t they experiencing the same Twin Flame signs that I am? How can they not see we are two halves of the same soul?” 

The reason is that many people can come face to face with their Twin Flame and have no idea. They could be married to their Twin Flame and remain blissfully unaware. Or they can have just met their Twin Flame, dated for a bit, and then let them walk out of their lives without any of the classic Twin Flame signs. It happens. 

This just means that they have not yet embarked on their Twin Flame journey. 

But why, you might ask! Well, Twin Flame journeys only happen when your soul is ready. You can’t force them or make someone start on theirs. 

They are only determined by your soul on the deepest subconscious level, there’s no conscious decision or choice in this and you can’t convince your Twin Flame it’s time to start even though you may want to. Their soul must experience what’s called soul recognition. This event happens when the soul recognizes itself within the physical body of its Twin Flame.

At that point, the energy that you share with your Twin Flame gets activated and the twin flame journey begins.

You are unique. Your journey is unique.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is unique in terms of the way it plays out physically. There’s no way to put it into a neat little box. If you “tick all the boxes” for all of the seven signs mentioned here, great. If you only tick one or two of them, perfect.

Even if you don’t  recognize any of these signs, it does not mean that you’re not on a Twin Flame journey. This is just a general guideline that I developed from my own experience and what I’ve seen with our students.

If you would like help deciphering any of these Twin Flame signs in your unique situation and get support from people on our team who truly understand what you’re going through, you’re in the right place.

Through all the pain, fear, confusion, loneliness and heartbreak, remember that this journey is a gift. It’s a miracle because it’s about you and your soul. You are miraculous, you are perfect and you are loved. Contact us to get the support you need to advance along your Twin Flame journey.

Move along your Twin Flame journey as quickly and painlessly as possible. You can start seeing results within the next two weeks!