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Hi. I’m Elle Hari, and I help people on a twin flame journey attain self-love, abundance and their true soul’s purpose and ultimately reunite with their twin flames. Click the button below to schedule a free Clarity Consultation.
Twin Flame Relationship Coach, Elle Hari

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Twin Flame Relationship Coach

This is the most important journey you will ever take. Finding or meeting your Twin Flame is about so much more than being in a relationship with someone, romantically or otherwise… It’s about finding spiritual alignment with the greatest treasure of all…



“I would recommend these programs to anyone experiencing a Twin Flame journey that wants to magnetize their Twin Flame and restore their lives and well being. For me, they’ve been a true blessing and an answer to many years of prayer and distress. They’ve helped bring me back to the most important part of me that I had overlooked for so many years – my own soul.”

Aliyah H.

Do you
feel lost,
and heartbroken?

You met your Twin Flame and for a while, things were perfect. In the midst of the extreme happiness and bliss you felt, it was like you were in heaven. You felt at “home” with this person.

But eventually, you separated (physically) from your Twin Flame and the push/pull fear-based energy that has been activated caused your Twin Flame to repel. You feel like your whole world has fallen apart.

You find yourself doing things you never thought you would do. You lose interest in things you once loved because you’re so fixated on your Twin Flame. You cry yourself to sleep almost every night.

Some people even say that they wouldn’t wish this experience on their worst enemy.

How a Twin Flame Coach Can Help

A Twin Flame journey coach can relate to your situation better than anyone.

I’ve been there. I was in a relationship with my Twin Flame for only six weeks – before I balanced out the fear-based energy to magnetize them back into my life – but I spent months trying to pick up the pieces. 

It was the most excruciatingly painful experience of my life. I tried everything – getting support from friends, therapy, psychics, spiritual healers, even voodoo mambos and spell casters – but none of that worked. 

Eventually, I sought the help of a teacher named Liora who taught me about the Divine Truth of Creation. I was able to master the art of soul alchemy and complete the first step of my spiritual ascension. I learned that this transformative journey wasn’t about my Twin Flame – it was all about connecting to my own soul. 

Despite all the agonizing pain I endured, I’m so grateful for going on my Twin Flame journey. It opened my eyes to my true purpose – helping people advance on their own journey as quickly, simply and painlessly as possible while bringing them closer to everything they truly desire. 

Twin Flame relationship help can unlock spiritual growth you never knew was possible. Along with information on your Twin Flame and Twin Flame reunions, you begin feeling completely at ease with yourself.

Are you ready to achieve inner peace and change your life for the better?

Are you ready to achieve inner peace, have a loving relationship with your Twin Flame and change your life for the better?

A Twin Flame relationship coach is one of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of the human experience in the physical world. By learning about soul bonds and Twin Flames, you will be able to identify the signs of being on a twin flame journey.

The term Twin Flame is often conflated with soulmate. However, the two are very different. You can have multiple soul mates throughout your life, including parents, friends, and romantic partners.

When you finally meet your Twin Flame, it will feel like the most intense relating experience of your life followed by the most painful one. Twin Flame coaching and teachings will help you distinguish your Twin Flame from other kindred spirits you are sure to come across in life.

How do you magnetize your
Twin Flame back into your life?

The answer is simple: By focusing on YOU.

When people first discover the world of Twin Flames, they often believe that in order to reclaim their lives, they must focus solely on their Twin Flame. This is where our Twin Flame help comes in to make sure you’re focusing not on external forces, but within.

They expend their energy on thinking about what they’re doing, thinking and feeling. They try to send positive, loving energy to them. They focus on trying to get their Twin Flame back, but all that does is push them away.

If this is where your mind is now – which is completely understandable! – it’s time to change your perspective with Twin Flame coaching.

The truth is, as tethered as you feel to your Twin Flame, you share the same soul after all, this journey is all about making a permanent shift to soul alignment and self-love.

Twin Flames about to kiss

You have to look within so you can truly understand and love yourself before being able to have a sustained loving relating experience with your twin flame.. When you focus on your Twin Flame, your energy goes towards them and pushes them away. 

You engage in this behavior because you’re afraid. You fear that you will never be with them again. You fear that you will be alone. You fear that your life has permanently changed for the worst. 

You must neutralize or balance that fear and turn it into love for yourself. When you focus on yourself and feel love for who you are, your Twin Flame will naturally come back into your life.

The secret to being with your Twin Flame quickly, simply & permanently

Watch this free, on-demand Masterclass to learn how.

The secret to being with your Twin Flame quickly, simply & permanently

Watch these free, on-demand Masterclass videos below to learn how.

Success Stories

Learn about our students’ experiences finding inner peace and achieving alignment with their souls.

“I was on my knees, broken. I tried everything, but nothing has ever worked like this program. Thanks to Elle’s program, I know how to balance my fear-based energy. It’s been life-changing for me. It’s a work-in-progress but I’ve magnetized my Twin Flame.”

Tracy Gardner

“Before I started this program I was inconsolable. I enrolled in Elle’s programs two months ago and in that time, I’ve come to resonate with the fact that I’m whole and perfect just as I am. My life has changed dramatically for the better. And just as she promises, my Twin Flame has been magnetized in.”


“Since joining the program my life has improved drastically because I have a concrete method to deal with the confusing energy in relation to my Twin Flame. I’ve been able to magnetize my Twin Flame and now I have tools to maintain my balance and understand my soul better. After 6 weeks of working with my coach, I feel totally transformed.”

“When I started the program I was constantly in intense emotional pain. In just a few weeks, I was able to deactivate my core wound pain and immediately my situation started to improve significantly. After 3 months, I magnetized my Twin Flame on an energy of pure love. I’m very impressed with what Elle and Kelly have been able to do for me.”

Hi! I’m Elle

As a #1 international best selling author, teacher and Twin Flame Alchemist who helps people move through their Twin Flame journey as quickly and as painlessly as possible, there’s nothing more gratifying than helping my students feel inner peace and true self-love.

I went on my own Twin Flame journey for four years before starting my business. As painful as it was, I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world because, without it, I wouldn’t possess the knowledge and wisdom required to help others on their own journeys.

I invite you to learn more about my revolutionary methods and how I can help you unconditionally love yourself at the deepest level possible and be with your Twin Flame.

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Being with Your Twin Flame
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It’s possible. You can achieve Spiritual Alignment and Self-Love with help from a Twin Flame relationship coach by your side.

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